A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Hello and welcome to my take on GameMaker's 2019 gamejam theme "only one"

My take is this: Chess but everyone can only use one piece.

Cause of timeconstraints it ended up only beeing the knight, but his movement is one of the most interesting in chess anyways.

For gamerules see the tutorial screen ingame.

Thank you for trying out my game and i hope you have fun :)

Install instructions


If you unpack the zip and keep the .exe and the .pck file in the same folder the game should work fine. I could only test this on windows10 though.

linux and macOS:

wasnt able to test either of these. simply build them with the standart godot 3.1 export options after Nitai99 asked me to make an macOS version too. Thanks for the reminder by the way XD


tcobokWindowsExe.zip 18 MB
tcobokLINUX.zip 19 MB
tcobokMacOS.zip 20 MB


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Really interesting idea for a puzzle game and I especially like the extra touches you added like the snap sound when the pieces move.

The game also looks quite aesthetically pleasing between all of the menus and the board itself.


Tho only minor change i would have recommend would be to allow the player to access a menu allowing restarting the game and returning to the main menu when pressing a key such as escape. this is very minor and me being picky


If the player closes the "invalid square" warning using the cross instead of the "ok" button the game softlocks with the player unable to make any move.

i'm glad you liked the idea ^^

yeah i like the menu idea, give the player a lot more freedom to restart instead of having to play through a whole round.

and thanks for telling me about that bug. i was new to how godot handles popup windows and didnt know that the x has another handle than the ok button. i'll fix that if i get to doing a post-jam version of this game ^^

It works in macOS. It's fun (though of course I may be biased), but I didn't understand how I won, it didn't look like the computer had to go to a destroyed tile.

it could be still a bug, but i also noticed while playtesting that the transition to the gameover screen is really sudden. probably some animations like showing all fields are blocked at the end could clear up confusions. something to add later >.>